Class System

Knight Humbleness,honest,mercy,bravery,justice,sacrifice,honor and spirt are what make Paladins. They believe only Paladin who never doubt these virtues is the strongest and invincible.   Mage The Creator's favorite creation, owns exordinary and incomparable power, so their attack force is powerful. But they're with poor defence though physique is strong because they studied magic in a long while.   Archer Elves have the most admirable appearances, don't look down upon them, but they will use their agility to dodge and shoot deadly blow with their arrow to enemy.


Q:  How to differentiate the quality of equipments in the game. A:  There are in Green - Blue - Purple - Orange in low-to-high sort.   Q:  How to build equipment? A:  Open Forge panel after collecting enough materials; click Transmute card and select the proper weapon. Ingredient for making top-level equipment will be unlocked with level up of character without additional learning.   Q:  Why can't I enhance equipment? A:  Level of equipment enhancement and character should be the same. For each promoted level of character, equipment will be able to be enhanced to a higher level.   Q:  How to enhance life value of character? A:  After level reaches to 25, upgrade pets or enhance weapons; when costume level reaches to 10, combine with God soul.   Q: How many heroes can I take with and how to recall heroes who left team? A:  Increasing the number of team heroes and members in battle can be done by upgrading the rank. You can have max ten players with five in batt[...]

Newbie Tips

Remember to cultivate character and increase attributes in early stage, which will help promote strength a lot in near future. Cultivation will be more and more expensive in later stage.   Change another time to seek the treasures of Gods which has high risk but high reward. Time and luck is very important too.   Only enhancing own strength will be able to plunder others’ chest in arena. Try watch in own chest. Don’t regret not to enhance own strength after purple chest is robbed.   At least recruit blue hero if you cannot recruit purple one. Do not recruit green hero and take it without spell.   Remember to enhance the common skill level after reaching level 30 or 40.   Fighting world BOSS “Azrael” can accelerate reborn appropriately.   Higher level there will be, higher level VIP will be, then more shakes can be used per day.   Deity soul can be used when it’s enhanced to Mithril level 1. It promotes your strength a[...]

World Boss

Players reach to a certain level could join the war killing the world Boss Time: 10:30 am;  3:30pm Introduction: It will be open twice a day, Boss owns lots of blood and powerful forces, players can attack Boss one by one, you will get some Exp according blood you lose, and you may have chance to get advanced equipment materials and constellation card.   Rewards: Allocate it according to the damage players make on Boss. More damage there would be, more Exp players will get. No.1: 1 Million silver No.2: 700 thousand silver No.3: 50 thousand silver Rewards: Advanced equipment materials and constellation card.


Activates when players reaches lvl 20. Enter arena by clicking on arena icon on the top interface. Introduction: The arena will be open at 6am every day, chest reward will be refreshed every four hours, and players can plunder during these four hours. Players can draw rewards when countdown ends, or the system will send directly. Players can click “Draw” or click chest icon on interface.   The system chest will refresh when sending period ends, and arena will open for plunder. It refreshes every 6am, 10am, 2pm, 7pm and 10pm. It will close after 10pm and open at 6am in the next day.   Arena is the only place you can collect soul crystals. Plunder them when you see someone has it, it’s the only way you can promote level of heroes.   Chest awards: 1. The chest awards are random. 2. Chests in the same rewards, more advanced the quality, more awards.   Ranking rewards: Rewards will be sent to the corresponding players according to their rank in the arena eve[...]
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