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Newbie Tips

Remember to cultivate character and increase attributes in early stage, which will help promote strength a lot in near future. Cultivation will be more and more expensive in later stage.


Change another time to seek the treasures of Gods which has high risk but high reward. Time and luck is very important too.


Only enhancing own strength will be able to plunder others’ chest in arena. Try watch in own chest. Don’t regret not to enhance own strength after purple chest is robbed.


At least recruit blue hero if you cannot recruit purple one. Do not recruit green hero and take it without spell.


Remember to enhance the common skill level after reaching level 30 or 40.


Fighting world BOSS “Azrael” can accelerate reborn appropriately.


Higher level there will be, higher level VIP will be, then more shakes can be used per day.


Deity soul can be used when it’s enhanced to Mithril level 1. It promotes your strength a lot. The optimal enhancement order is: weapon, armor, shoes, medal, gloves, necklace.  Deity soul can be obtained from Treasure of Gods.


Stamina upper limit will be reached at 11:00pm. Remember to consume up before physical recovery.


Good equipments are always given to the frontline heroes; high defense is the absolute and top priority.