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Equipment Soul When the equipments gets to Lvl 4, one more level promoted, one soul hole will be open, only one soul for each hole. How to get: Gods’ treasure   Equipment Transmutation New equipment ingredients will be activated when player reached Lv 29, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70. When equipment transmutation progress reaches 100%, it will successfully make a new one. Blue and purple materials needed for transmutation will be got from clearing hero instances.   Equipment Inheritance Equipment inheritance can transfer enhancement level to another one, it will save a lot of time and expense.


Activate when player level reaches 32.   Each character can activate constellation of 12 palaces to improve their own properties. More advanced constellation card would be, more properties you will get.   How to get constellation card: 1. From Gods’ treasure 2. Kill World Boss


Pets supply large extras, especially the vital HP. They are the most helpful partners accompanying you to explore the world.   You will get a pet after completing a main quest and unlocking the Pet System.   You can upgrade your pet when requirements are met. Meanwhile, you are able to choose the appearance of your pet in the upgrade.   Additionally, you can pray to the Saint Beast for your pet. Open the Soul Hunt interface, and spend silver to acquire Saint Beast Soul of various attributes. Pets’ abilities will be greatly improved after they are equipped with the Souls.

Hero Collection& Upgrade

Hero Collection You can obtain a new hero by using the Hero Card you’ve got. Heroes of different god series own various abilities. This is a special feature of COO. Lead your team of special heroes to protect the justice!   All heroes collected show in the Gods Shrine. They bring different extras to the shrine. Some special heroes also have combined extras. The more heroes you have, the larger effects the Gods Shrine has.   You can upgrade heroes to improve their basic attributes by using Soul Crystals. Meanwhile, the extras of Gods Shrine will upgrade.   Hero Upgrade Heroes can be upgraded in star for different times according to their qualities as followings: Red Hero ( 12 Stars), Green Hero ( 3 Stars), Blue Hero ( 5 Stars), Purple Hero ( 9 Stars) , Orange Hero ( 9 Stars), and Initial Hero ( 0 Stars).   You can upgrade heroes to improve their basic attributes by using Soul Crystals. Meanwhile, the extras of Gods Shrine will upgrade.   Soul Crystals are sent as bonus for Arena Rank[...]

Skill System

Skills include unique skills and ultimate spell. Unique skills are available when the anger figure reaches 100. You have chances to release final skills if you use unique skills.   Unique Skills 1. You can learn several unique skills, but can use only one at a time. Unique skills are switchable. 2.You can learn new unique skills using Skill Card dropped in instances. To use newly learned skills, you should change the skill set in Skill Interface. 3. Each hero has only one unique skill, not switchable, changeable, or forgettable.   4. Their additional effect is better after unique skills are upgraded. 5. The upgrade of unique skills costs silver while the success rate is different for each upgrade.   Ultimate Spell 1. Each character has fixed ultimate spell. 2. Characters have opportunities to release ultimate spells when they use unique skills. 3. The higher you level is, the larger the chance of releasing ultimate spell is. 4. The better quality the heroes have, the larger [...]
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