[Announcement] S1 Has Arrived With Brand-new Gaming Experience

The first commercial server S1 will eventually debut on http://coo.joyheat.com/ at 7:00 Jan 24th PST while CBT S1 and S2 will be closed at 7:00 with all character data cleared up.   First of all, COO team is really grateful to all players’ support during CBT. As is promised, we are going to send activation codes to those faith players who have participated in the CBT to help them get a better start-up. Besides, all players will be able to experience richer contents and more features in this sever since many optimizations have been made according to your precious suggestions and feedback. Lastly, our team wishes that you could enjoy yourselves in the fantasy world of “Clash of Olympus”.   Play COO together with new friends now.   S1 Opening Events: http://coo.joyheat.com/events.htm   COO Team.

[Event] Daily Treasures

[Duration]: Since the day when a player log in COO for the first time [Content]: Free gifts for new players to help them get a good startup. As long as you log in COO consecutively within the first five days since you play this game, you will receive various free items. [Reward]:

[Event] Top Up to possess supreme privilege

[Duration]: The first week after the launch of a new server [Content]: Recharging a certain amount of gold, players will not only receive abundant in-game currencies and materials for transmuting equipment but also become those privileged VIPs. [Reward]: [Note]: 1. Players can claim those rewards in “fabulous events” interface. 2. The gold that players recharge during the event is noncumulative. Instead, this event is valid for every single recharge. In addition, players can draw any reward repeatedly except for the VIP. For example, if someone recharges 5000 gold first, he will get 550000 silvers, 10 vigor, 1000 reputation, 15 Purple Material Chests, and become VIP 5. Once this player recharges 5000 gold, he will obtain again 550000 silvers, 10 vigor, 1000 reputation, and 15 Purple Material Chests.

[Event]Longer online time, more gifts

[Duration]: The day when a player log in COO for the first time [Content]:Players will get online rewards on the day when they log in COO for the first time. The longer they play COO during this day, the more they can benefit. You can claim the online rewards by clicking the corresponding button in the main game interface. [Reward]:

[Event ] Guild of Legends

[Duration]: The first seven days after the launch of a new server [Content]: Lead a group of players and forge the most powerful legion in your server. During the Event, if a legion has reached level 2 by the end of the event, all legion members will receive varied amount of silvers, Treasure Maps and Divine Beast Cultivation Liquid based on their position in the legion.   [Reward]:   [Note] The rewards will be issued directly to corresponding players via system mail by the end of this event.
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