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CBT of Clash of Olympus

Clash of Olympus is a side-scrolling RPG game, players travelling through different periods as the story goes on, they recruit famous heroes or classic American super hero to fight for the world, revel the true features of the evil, you will have chance to see many famous battles and scenes in old times..


The closed beta test for Clash of Olympus will arrive at www.clashofolympus.com.

During this CBT, you will be able to experience most contents and features of Clash of Olympus.


Besides, a certain amount of gold will be presented to you with the progress of the game.

In order to improve the quality of Clash of Olympus and make it a more sophisticated product, we plan to launch a more stable and formal version by the end of this CBT with all character data reset. Optimization will be made according to your precious suggestions and feedback by then together with new features added.


To express our gratitude to your support during the CBT, we promise all players who participate in the CBT will obtain rewards like special activation codes that can be used in the formal version later and other benefits as well.


Event Link: http://coo.joyheat.com/events.htm