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[Event] Masters of the Arena!

[Duration]: The first two days after the launch of the new server [Content]: Prove your strength and become the Master of the Arena! Top 10 ranking players will be rewarded considerable silvers and Soul Crystals. [Reward] : Players will be ranked according to their places in the arena and get the corresponding rewards at 24:00 every day. Please contact GMs if you haven’t received your prizes by then.

[Event] Race to victory

[Duration]: The first three days after the launch of a new server [Content]: Play hard, Level up fast and Reach for the Top! [Reward]: At 0:00 on the fourth day after the launch of a new server, we will issue valuable rewards to Top 3 players based on the level of their main character.

[Event] First Recharge Pack

[Duration]: Since the launch of the server [Content]: Recharge any amount of gold and get the first-recharge pack [Reward]: First-recharge pack includes: 1. Legendary hero card: 2. 106 gold 3. 200000 silver 4. 100-point VIT 5. Purple Material Chest*5    

[CBT Event] Bug &Suggestion

Period: During CBT   Content: Provide BUG and suggestions in the specific Forum paste, CBT official will send rewards to formal roles suit after CBT.   Rewards: 50 thousand silver   Event Link: http://forum.clashofolympus.com/showthread.php?8-Event-No-8-Bug-amp-Suggestion&p=8#post8    Note: All character info will be deleted when the Closed Beta Server is closed.

[CBT Event] Pet training

Period: During CBT   Content: Pet class corresponding to receive rewards during events   Rewards:   Tips:  1. Each reward is available only once per player.  2. Each player can only get once a day   Note: All character info will be deleted when the Closed Beta Server is closed.    
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