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[Event] Nothing Venture, Nothing Gain

[Duration]: The first three days after the launch of a new server [Content]: Embark on the journey to explore the world of Clash of Olympus. Complete the instances of mainline story! By the end of the Event, 3 players who explored the furthest in instances will be presented with attractive gifts. [Reward]: 20000 Silver, Treasure Map*10, Demi-god Movement Card *10, Lv 1 Green Zodiac Card Chest *1, Lv 2 Blue Zodiac Card Chest *2, Lv 3 Purple Zodiac Card Chest *5 [Note] 1. Players’ final progress of instances is based on the data at 0:00 on the fourth day after the launch of a new server, 2. If a few players have reached the same progress by the end of the event, the system will compare the specific time when they complete their last instance to determine who the winner is. 3. The rewards will be issued directly to corresponding players via system mail by the end of this event.

[Event] Masters of the Arena!

[Duration]: The first two days after the launch of the new server [Content]: Prove your strength and become the Master of the Arena! Top 10 ranking players will be rewarded considerable silvers and Soul Crystals. [Reward] : Players will be ranked according to their places in the arena and get the corresponding rewards at 24:00 every day. Please contact GMs if you haven’t received your prizes by then.

[Event] Race to victory

[Duration]: The first three days after the launch of a new server [Content]: Play hard, Level up fast and Reach for the Top! [Reward]: At 0:00 on the fourth day after the launch of a new server, we will issue valuable rewards to Top 3 players based on the level of their main character.

[Event] First Recharge Pack

[Duration]: Since the launch of the server [Content]: Recharge any amount of gold and get the first-recharge pack [Reward]: First-recharge pack includes: 1. Legendary hero card: 2. 106 gold 3. 200000 silver 4. 100-point VIT 5. Purple Material Chest*5    

Facebook App Reauthorization

Dear players,   Recently, Facebook Platform is going to modify its app policy. Our team has already received the notification from Facebook developers to create a separate new app ID for COO’s Facebook Connect integration. According to Facebook Platform Policy I.13.a, COO’s new app cannot request user connections or ask for additional permissions beyond age, email, and our Publishing Permissions. In addition, players need also to reauthorize Facebook app connection the next time they log in COO official site. Our team is sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused by this issue. Thanks for your long-term support to COO. And we promise to provide our players with better gaming experience and more game features. Thank you!    COO Team
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